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ザ・サンダーボルツ勝手連 Doubting the Dark 闇を疑う

宇宙進化調査で推定された銀河密度。  0.2 (青) から 1 (赤) の赤方偏移
 X 線放射の等高線はピンク色で表示されます。


Feb 18, 2011
Dark matter theory's claims have not convinced everyone in consensus circles. 

Another in a series of announcements from NASA and the European Space Agency reports "the confirmation" of dark matter. 

Dark matter, as its name implies, is non-luminous, invisible to telescopes, and weakly interacting (at best) with the "baryonic" matter around it. 

However, its existence has been considered an essential aspect of cosmology because, as an ESA scientist put it a few years ago: 
"Our own galaxy should have fallen apart by now, so dark matter
—this unseen force—
is somewhere keeping it glued together."

After studying the Coma Cluster of galaxies in 1933, Fritz Zwicky found that his calculations for orbital acceleration and stellar mass within it were off by a factor of about 160. 
1933 年にコマ銀河団を研究した後、フリッツ・ツヴィッキーは、軌道加速度とその中の恒星の質量の計算が約 160 倍もずれていることを発見しました。

He thought that something invisible to his instruments was holding the cluster together. 

That "something" later became known as "dark matter." 

His hypothesis was supposedly confirmed in 1979 with the announcement of "gravitational lensing" (another theory of Zwicky's) and the "twin quasar" QSO0957+561 A, which are not topics of this paper.
彼の仮説は、1979 年に「重力レンズ」 (ツヴィッキーの別の理論) と「ツイン クエーサー」QSO0957+561 A の発表によって確認されたとされていますが、これらはこの論文の主題ではありません。

It should be noted that some astrophysicists are not convinced that dark matter or its enigmatic twin "dark energy" are justified because the data used to support their existence is questionable. 

Observations from both COBE and WMAP might have calibration issues that "...could indicate that fluctuations measured in the intensity of the CMB radiation are actually smaller than they originally appeared. 
COBE と WMAP の両方からの観測には、「...CMB 放射線の強度で測定された変動が、実際には最初に現れたものよりも小さいことを示す可能性がある」という校正上の問題がある可能性があります。

The size of these fluctuations is a key parameter used to support the existence of dark matter and dark energy. 

With smaller ripples, there would be no need to invoke exotic concepts like dark matter and dark energy to explain the CMB observations."

Since dark matter cannot be seen by optical telescopes and can be analyzed through inference alone, could it be that something else is taking place? 

Something that NASA and the ESA observers have failed to consider as an active force? 
NASAESA の観測員が活動力として考慮できなかった何か?

That "something" is electricity.

Electric Universe theorists see electricity flowing through plasma driving galaxy clusters, galaxies themselves and their associated stars. 

Birkeland currents create z-pinch compression zones between spinning magnetic fields in electrical vortices. 
バークランド(ビルケランド)電流は、電気渦の回転する磁場の間に Z ピンチ圧縮ゾーンを作成します。

The compressed ions form spheres of glowing plasma, some in arc mode, some in glow mode, and some that vary between the two states.
圧縮されたイオンは、アーク モード、グロー モード、および 2 つの状態の間で変化する、輝くプラズマの球を形成します。

Electric currents pouring into them from the outside power the stars and galactic wheels. 

What should we expect to see in their shapes and behavior in that case?

1.    Around the galaxies and throughout the cluster will be Birkeland current filaments slowly fluctuating in their intensity, causing mass density variations that will be difficult to interpret (without the “blank check” of dark matter) as gravitational effects. 

2.    The plasma in which the galaxies exist contains magnetic fields that map the Birkeland current flows, interconnecting each galaxy with its neighbor and forming electrical bridges between them. 

3.    Electrical charges separate from one another across a double layer in a Birkeland current filament. Double layers may break down if too much current flows in the circuit. In that instance, there will be a stellar flare, a gamma-ray flash, a nova or a supernova. 
電荷はバークランド電流フィラメントの(電気)二重層を介して互いに分離されます。 回路内に過大な電流が流れると、(電気)二重層が破壊される可能性があります。 その場合、恒星フレア、ガンマ線フラッシュ、新星または超新星が発生します。

Since Birkeland currents are drawn toward each other in a linear relationship, dark matter is unnecessary when electric currents flowing through plasma are recognized as the most powerful long-range accretion force.

Stephen Smith