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ザ・サンダーボルツ勝手連 [Ev Cochrane・Anatomy of a Thunderbolt ・Thunderboltsm Ev・コクラン・サンダーボルトの構造・サンダーボルト・イズム]

[Ev Cochrane・Anatomy of a Thunderbolt ・Thunderboltsm
Scott Douglass February 20, 2021 - 04:00Multimedia

Comparative mythologist Ev Cochrane has known his share of leading scholars to the effect that Zeus’s thunderbolt was a mental construct, i.e.– that no such thing ever existed in the real world.
比較神話学者Ev コクランは、ゼウスの落雷は精神的な構成物である、

Author Ken Dowden’s agnosticism is representative in this regard…”There is no such thing as a thunderbolt, because lightning is not an object that is thrown…”

Given such skepticism with regards to archetypal mythological motifs, it is hardly surprising to find that a survey of modern attempts to explain the thunderbolt’s iconography or behavior reveals a vast wasteland of wild guesses and discarded hypotheses.

All the more appropriate for Ev to analyze and decipher what may be the actual anatomy of the mighty thunderbolt itself.